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President’s pilgrimages keep two sharp eyes on Timor-Leste’s remote villages – by Mary O’Shea

Mary O’Shea was a recipient of the the summer 2013 round of the Simon Cumbers Media Fund. Cedric Arnold was the photographer who traveled with her to Timor-Leste.

Mary O’Shea traveled to Timor-Leste to look at coffee production, one of the country’s leading agricultural commodities. However, due to minimal management as well as a lack of education, coffee quality and productivity is declining.

To read ‘President’s pilgrimages keep two sharp eyes on Timor-Leste’s remote villages’ in The Irish Times on Wednesday, 16th October, please click here. For ‘A taste of things to come for subsistence coffee farmers in Timor-Leste’ in the Irish Times on Wednesday, 23rd October, please click here.

For a short video on Timor-Leste’s coffee, please click here.