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Frequently Asked Questions  


Do I have to travel to an Irish Aid priority country?

Not for the main scheme. The Fund is designed to facilitate coverage of development issues in the Irish media so you must travel to a developing country and while the link with sub-Saharan Africa / Irish Aid partner countries is one of the judging considerations, it is not a requirement. For the Student Scheme, applicants must travel to one of Irish Aid’s priority countries.


Do I need to be an Irish citizen to apply?

No. Any media professional can apply, but your application must include a valid letter of commitment from a media outlet which has its primary audience in the Republic of Ireland. The letter of commitment template can be found here.


What is the maximum budget that can be allocated?

The maximum amount of funding available per recipient is €10,000, but the judging panel is not obliged to award the maximum in any case. The average grant allocated in 2016 was €3,501.


What expenses should I include in the budget?

You should include costs to facilitate the project, for example, international travel; out-of-pocket expenses (accommodation, subsistence, etc.); research expenses (publications or attendance at a conference or event); and resources (aids or equipment rental to facilitate your project). In the case of applications for the funding of an exhibition, these costs may cover the printing and mounting of photographs. Staff wages, production costs, the purchase of equipment, and travel within Ireland are not covered. A sample budget can be found here.


There’s a word count stipulated on the application form – what happens if I write beyond that word count?

It is not possible to write beyond the word count in the online form. If you’re drafting your application outside of the online form with a view to pasting it in, please make sure you write to length.