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by Ellie O’Byrne
Slapstick humour is a universal language, I reflected wryly, trudging through eucalyptus-scented, dappled woodland towards the next farm.  Read more

by Louise McLoughlin
The air in Entebee has a distinctive smell, like the smoke from a wood fire but a little Read more

by Sorcha Pollak
Standing on a white sand beach on the Honduran coast I took a deep breath as I dipped my toes Read more

by Eimear Lowe
There are few benefits to arriving into any country at 3am but in Uganda, it’s the absence of traffic.  My Read more

Sixteen journalists have been awarded funding under the summer 2015 round of the Simon Cumbers Media Fund. The Fund was set up by Read more

by Didem Tali
When I went to Malawi research and report about child marriage, I learned two things:

Many villages and communities in Malawi are Read more

by Aisling Hussey
Agricultural output is headline news in Malawi. It’s down by 30 per cent from last year’s harvest, mainly due to Read more

by Aisling Hussey in Malawi
Africa never fails to fascinate me. It’s my third visit to the continent and even after a few hours Read more

By Denise Calnan, in Mombasa

At the time of my travelling to Kenya, it was just a few weeks after the brutal terror attack Read more

By Denise Calnan, in Mombasa
Driving through the busy streets of Mombasa in the intense humidity, it’s a world away from the village of Read more