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Applying to the Fund – what is involved? 

The main scheme application process – what does it involve?
The Simon Cumbers Media Fund is now seeking applications from media professionals working with local and national media outlets.
Proposed projects should focus on international development themes, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and applicants must demonstrate the relevance of their project to one or more of the seven Irish Aid Priority Areas for Action. These priority areas include gender equality, trade and economic growth, education, human rights and the environment.
So, how can you apply and what does the application process entail?
First: Register. When you head over to the main scheme page and click ‘apply now’, you’ll be asked to set up an account to access the application system. You just need to provide your email address and set a password. When your account is set up you can start the application process and save your progress every step of the way so you can complete it over a few days if you wish.
Second: Read the funding guidelines. You must confirm you’ve read the guidelines before applying.
Next: Complete the application form. In this you’ll be asked to detail any previous media experience of development issues you have (250 words max), provide details of the media outlet supporting your application, provide a summary of your project (400 words) and your intended treatment of the story (250 words).
You’ll also be asked list all personnel who will be employed by the project and their relevant experience. This is relevant if you intend to travel with a photographer or videographer for your project. Please note that while joint-applications are accepted, you must indicate strong reasons for the proposed collaboration. In an effort to promote sustainability and to help the local economy, collaboration between applicants and local stakeholders and service providers, such as photographers, is encouraged.
Next, you’ll be asked to outline your understanding of development issues, and how your proposed project and the issues it explores are of relevance to the seven Irish Aid Priority Areas for Action (250 words). You’ll need to submit the funding amount you are looking for and describe how you’ll maximise the impact of your project (e.g. by sharing on social media, writing for Fund website etc.).
Note: if you intend to apply for exhibition funding too, you’ll be asked to indicate so and will be brought to extended form to fill out exhibition details.
Then: Upload a letter of commitment. Your application must include a valid letter of commitment from a media outlet which has its primary audience in the Republic of IrelandThe letter of commitment template can be found here.
Next: Complete the project budget form. You should include costs to facilitate the project, for example, international travel; out-of-pocket expenses (accommodation, subsistence, etc.); research expenses (publications or attendance at a conference or event); and resources (aids or equipment rental to facilitate your project). In the case of applications for the funding of an exhibition, these costs may cover the printing and mounting of photographs. Staff wages, production costs, the purchase of equipment, and travel within Ireland are not covered. A sample budget can be found here.   
And that’s it! Click ‘submit’ when you’re happy with your application. You’ll receive confirmation that it has been received.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the judging process in late-July 2018.
Don’t forget that the deadline for the receipt of submissions to the summer 2018 round is Friday, 22nd June at 5pm. You can also contact the Fund by emailing if you have any questions.